FINDING art buyers online is hard

until you decide to start finding them.

every artist is quite original...
but if you are not selling art online, your problem is quite common, and that's a good thing!

As an artist, you probably love being original, and I am here for original art which surprises me emotionally. 

Because your artworks are so special and original, you might think that the reason why people are not buying your artworks right now, is that art buyers are not resonating with your art, or that you are just very lucky.

The good news is that the originality of your artworks could not in any way prevent you from selling art online.

The bad news is that this problem is not a very original problem, although as an artist you might love being original. It’s a very common issue for artists, and that’s also a good thing as it means I can help you!

Before I explain more how I can help, let me guess a bit more about your current situation:

You have been posting on social media forever but no art buyer seems to find your profile or request to buy.

Only artists are following you on social media.

You have exhibitions in real life and online, but they bring approximately zero sales, even when the exhibition happens in a gallery.

You are not sure if people would like to have your artworks in their house.

You have sold one work once but that seemed out of complete luck, or it was to a family member, so you don’t really consider it as selling.

You think the Instagram and Facebook algorithm is against you and hides your posts from your audience or from buyers.

You think finding art buyers requires luck, or that only artists represented by galleries can make a living from selling their artworks online.

You don’t understand the link between posting on social media and buyers agreeing to buy.

You don’t know how to “close a sale” with an art buyer.

You are tired of looking for an art gallery, because it’s too hard finding one, or because you have worked with a gallery and they haven’t sold your artworks. 

You now want to sell your artworks independently, but you don’t know how.

See? I have worked with so many artists in your case and I have helped them with finding their art buyers online.

How can I help you?

Finding your art buyers online, and selling them your artworks, isn’t magic.

Although you might feel like the success of your sales of artworks is up to the algorithm and people finding you, it’s actually about the actions you  and the decisions you are taking?

What decisions do you need to make?

You need to decide who you are going to target and where you are going to find your clients.

What actions do you need to take?

You need to get visible to these buyers.

So what’s my role in this story?

Chances are, you are worried about targeting in the wrong way.

And chances are you don’t know where to get visible to your art buyers and how.

This is exactly what I can help with, and give you the step by step actions to take to start finding your art buyers online.

This is not a get-rich quick scheme. It takes time, and it works, because it will be adjusted to your own art business.



Imagine having a waitlist for clients who want to buy your artworks.

That actually happened to a member of the Artist Entrepreneur Club two months after we started working together! Fully booked! Another one tripled her sales.

Imagine a life where you exactly know how to find your clients, and you don’t need anyone to explain to you how to grow your art business anymore, because you’re already brilliant at it.

Would you like to spend days in your art studio where you spend most of your day creating art for your art buyers or yourself, and the rest is just repeating the online actions which you exactly know work for you already?

At some point, you will even be able to delegate all the online tasks as you will know exactly what you need to delegate.

Could you imagine creating excitement anytime you have an exhibition or an art fair, and to know how to make that your social media followers meet you at the fair to buy your artworks?

If this is your version of a successful artist, this membership will help you get there!

The membership the Artist Entrepreneur Club helps visual artists learn how to attract their clients online so you stop feeling lost when it comes to finding clients who want to buy your artworks and so you grow your art business independently and consistently.

what's included in the artist entrepreneur club?

  • THE STEP BY STEP TO START FINDING YOUR ART BUYERS: You will be working closely with Gavriella to start defining your buyers, and start attracting them as soon as you join the Artist Entrepreneur Club. A recorded version of the step by step is coming soon too, so you can implement at your own pace.
  • YOUR MONTHLY DOSE OF LIVES: This is optional and the above is enough to get results, but it can be very helpful to find the motivation to stay consistent in finding your art buyers online and sell them art. Every month we work on a different business theme to help you find art buyers, organized in three weekly challenges and Q&A sessions and tech sessions (if you don’t know how to use a social media platform or create a Reel, this is for you!):


    There are also exciting and fun challenges coming up to get you help more consistent (they’re optional!), like being more consistent with doing reels on Instagram!
  • GUEST SPEAKERS: To make sure you can find answers to every questions in your art business, we also welcome a business guest speakers regularly who will share their expertise in business with you.
  •  RECORDINGS: Every live session is recorded and available in the Artist Entrepreneur Club’s member area. 
  • A SUPPORTIVE AND OPTIMISTIC COMMUNITY: The Artist Entrepreneur Club also is a dynamic community to whom you can ask every question, even the ones that are taboos in the visual art industry, and exchange with about your experiences as an artist selling art online and looking for art buyers.
  • ART BUSINESS REVIEW SESSIONS: Finally, at the end of each month, we review your progress in the Artist Entrepreneur Club. During our monthly review session, we will discuss how the previous month went for you, the progress you made, and your plans for the following month. 
  • RESOURCES: You also have access to tools which I publish consistently in the Artist Entrepreneur Club, such as our magic Trello tool Define and find your ideal client or access to my Instagram hashtags block generator!
  • CO-PLANNING SESSIONS: Every week, you can join a digital co-planning session to make sure your following week is all planned out and you planned time to look for your art buyers!
Gavriella Abekassis The Artist Entrepreneur Club


Hi, I’m Gavriella!


My mission is to help artists find clients online, who want & love your artworks, and to sell your art to them.

I created the Artist Entrepreneur Club in May 2020, after having worked in art galleries for 5 years. I’ve always loved both Art and entrepreneurship.

While in galleries, I worked in sales, marketing, artist liaison, museums and institutions liaison, shipping and packing artworks, putting exhibitions together, event and office management, art performance and installation research, accountancy as well as (too?) many other administrative tasks. 

In art galleries, I learned what to tell your buyers so they buy your artworks.

When working in art galleries, I actually realized that most visitors in galleries, were artists trying to enter the community of art galleries, because they were told it’s the only way to sell.

Although this is not something you would learn in art galleries, I am also successfully self-taught in online marketing and sales and I have helped hundreds of artists sell art regularly online, as well as for some of them, above 100k of sales.

If you want to be one of these artists, then we need to be working together!

Let's see if the members of the Artist Entrepreneur Club like it in there! Read their reviews just below:


“I have been part of the Artist Entrepreneur Club, Gavriella’s club, for 7 months.

My sales have literally tripled or more.
What I love most about Gavriella’s club are many things and I’ll try to keep it short here:
1/ It’s like a central library where you find so many resources which you need to make art sales
2/ She constantly invites super good guest speakers, whether coaches who will teach us some positive mindset and organizational skills, or more technical speakers who will share their knowledge about various social media platforms.
3/ Her club is very inclusive. Even though there are members who live all over the world, she always finds a time that can work for everybody, taking into account the different time zones,
4/ The club in itself is a support group, where a group of motivated and friendly artists help each other, encourage one another, gives feedbacks when asked, etc
5/ Last but not least, Gavriella has an awesome personality: she tries to help whenever she can (and she is actually very resourceful), she’s generous and always gives more than expected, she’s kind and encouraging.
You really feel that you belong to a group of support, you feel stronger, and you get the help you need to reach the next level, whatever level you were at before joining.”

– Florence, member of the Artist Entrepreneur Club

what is the cost?

The 30 days of trial are free. 

If you decide to leave before the end of these 30 first days, you will not have to pay anything.

After these 30 days, being a member of the Artist Entrepreneur Club currently costs  £27/month. 

If you pay for a year, you’ll get two months for free.

This price will stay the same as long as you stay a member of the club. 

any questions? here is the faq section!

What is the price of the Artist Entrepreneur Club?

The 30 days of trial are free. 
If you decide to leave before the end of these 30 first days, you will not have to pay anything.
After these 30 days, being a member of the Artist Entrepreneur Club currently costs  £27/month. 
If you pay for a year, you’ll get two months for free.
This price will stay the same as long as you stay a member of the club.

You can only have 30 days of free trial once. 
How do I pay?

Click on one of the orange buttons on this page which will lead you to the payment page.
Once your bank details entered and only after the 30 days of trial, 
£27/month will be paid monthly if you select the monthly plan, 

If you select the yearly plan, You will pay £270/year and save two months.


What happens if I want to leave the club?
You can cancel at anytime and the next withdrawal won’t take place. 
Once unsubscribed, you will still have access to the Artist Entrepreneur Club until the end of the month if you have paid for the month, and that the month has not ended yet.

In case you have paid in advance for the year and decide to unsubscribe, you will also still have access to the Artist Entrepreneur Club until the end of your subscription.
Are there refunds?
There are no refunds as there are 30 days of trial.
Is the payment secure?
Yes the payment is secure. The payment goes through Substack and Stripe, and for more information about the payment safety you can visit this website.

Any other questions? here is how to contact me:

email-icon-black-and-white-mail-vector-2Email me here.

 download.png Hang out with me on Instagram here.

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